DR18 Divine Renovation Conference

June 11-12, 2018, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

DR18 Breakouts


Hospitality & Homilies for Humans (Fr. Simon Lobo & Rob McDowell) - Theatre 12
If people from your neighbourhood walked into your church, would they find a welcoming atmosphere? When it is time for the homily, would they hear a well-prepared message that touches their hearts and evokes a response? Hospitality and homilies are two huge pieces of the Sunday experience, and guests at your church will remember them more than almost anything else. Fr. Simon Lobo and senior staff member Rob McDowell will share the ways Saint Benedict Parish has created a more welcoming environment and how they have worked on homily preparation and developed preaching series.

Leading Out of a Team  (Fr. James Mallon and Eileen Moore) - Theatre 13
It is one thing to learn how to lead a team and quite another to lead out of one.  This is a key learning that every leader who wishes to lead a parish towards mission must embrace.  Join Fr. James as he makes a case for a new leadership model for pastors, shares the four non-negotiable of a senior leadership team (SLT) and explores how an SLT relates to a Parish Pastoral Council.

The High Impact Leader (Carey Nieuwhof) - Theatre 14
Ever wonder how you will ever "get it all done"? Or if you will ever have the level of impact in your home and community that you long for? Those are important questions. Let's get time, energy and priorities working in your favour to make a greater impact.

Go Make Disciples (Bill Scollard and Kurt Klement) - Theatre 15
Jesus challenges us to "Go make disciples of all nations,” but how do we do that? In this session, we will focus on ALPHA which seeks to introduce the basics of the Christian faith exploring the meaning of life in a safe and nurturing setting.   Bill Scollard, Director of Pastoral Ministries at Saint Benedict Parish and Kurt Klement, Director of Evangelization at  St. Anne Parish in Texas will share how Alpha has enabled people to enter into a deep personal relationship with Jesus and has been a catalyst for raising leaders in their parishes. They will explore the "why's" and "how's" of ALPHA, share personal stories of changed lives, and peoples faith coming alive. 

Everybody Talks: Breaking Through With Communications (Kate Robinson & Matt Vaughan) - Theatre 16
If you want to reshape your parish’s culture, you have to be able to communicate that change effectively. How do you tell people about your church’s calling without overloading them with information? And how do you use the best available technology to do it in a dynamic and engaging way? Kate Robinson and Matt Vaughan will share the mission-focused principles that drive the communications strategy at Saint Benedict Parish.

Sacraments Workshop (Ron Huntley and Fr. Matthew Keshwah) - Theatre 17
We are a Sacramental Church that desires people to know, love and serve Jesus. How are we doing with this? No, really, how are we doing? Join Ron Huntley and Fr Matthew Keshwah as they share the story of Saint Benedict Parish and how they applied the Divine Renovation principles to the sacraments with the goal of making disciples who bear much fruit. They will share how their processes changed and how they facilitated that change to win people over and managed the inevitable criticism. This workshop will share successes, failures and hopes for the future. 


Developing a Financially Healthy Church (Rob McDowell and Chris Yetman) - Theatre 12
Every parish is challenged to resource its mission.  At Saint Benedict Parish a key to developing resources is not fundraising but faith raising.  Financial giving is a key aspect of the life of disciples who have been transformed by a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Come and hear Rob McDowell and Chris Yetman talk about how Saint Benedict Parish develops its strategy around forming disciples as givers and being strategic about the budget that supports and advances the mission. 

Avoiding the Us and Them: Exploring the Parish/Diocesan Dynamics (Fr. James Mallon and John Stevens) - Theatre 13
Join Fr. James and John Stevens as they explore the necessary and inevitable tension in the parish-diocesan relationship when moving from maintenance to mission.  How can diocesan structures and staff support parishes that are breaking out of the status quo?  How can parishes move towards mission and remain in a healthy relationship with the bishop and diocesan staff?  

Parish Leadership is a Team Sport (Fr. Simon Lobo and Ron Huntley) - Theatre 14
If you want your parish to respond to the Great Commission in today’s world, you can’t do it alone. You need a team! And that team needs to be supported by good leadership. The newly minted pastor of Saint Benedict, Fr. Simon Lobo, and Ron Huntley, the head coach of the DR Network, will share some of what they have learned about servant leadership, the “why” behind various kinds of staff meetings, how to inspire and equip lay leaders, and how to foster a healthy culture by wading into crucial conversations.

Sing a New Song:  Developing “Contemporary” Music in Your Parish (Dan O’Rourke and Phil and Sarah Marmen) - Theatre 15
While Saint Benedict Parish embraces different genres of sacred music, this workshop will contextualize the place of a contemporary style of music within a parish and tell the story of how the Saint Benedict Parish band grew to what it is now.  Facilitated by Dan O’Rourke, Sarah and Phil will explore the key values and principles that shape this weekly ministry and give tips on how your parish can begin to sing a new song to the Lord.

Groups? (Kate Robinson and Matt Vaughan) - Theatre 16
If the parish is going to thrive in the future, it is going to have to become, as Pope Francis says,  'a community of communities.' At Saint Benedict Parish we have Connect Groups (where people are known, loved and cared for by lay leaders and each other) and Discipleship Groups (small groups focussed on learning content). Come and hear about how groups work (and don't work!) at Saint Benedict Parish from Matt Vaughan and Kate Robinson staff members and Connect Group leaders. 

The Heart of the Child: What you can to do NOW to foster faith in the next generation.  (Bill Scollard, Laura O’Rourke, and Corey Robinson) - Theatre 17
What is the faith of the next generation worth? What kind of legacy will your Divinely Renovated church leave? Growing churches all have one thing in common - they all prioritize family ministry in new and innovative ways. What you choose to do today will affect the relationship an entire generation has to church and to God. Are you willing to try something new for the sake of the children and youth in your community?